Side projects

Art Direction / Concepting / Design

Stig Brenner / Unge Ferrari

MERCH ︎︎︎  Perfume containing 0.001ml Unge FerrariTM sweat

MERCH ︎ Cracked phone with pre set background image
MERCH ︎ Hangover gummies with Unge Ferrari’s face

MERCH ︎ 194 unread messages (*only sold once, anonymized)

︎ 3D: @trashbenny

Lars Vaular

Art Direction & Design

Grimstad Film Festival / Music Video of The Year

(A music video in the form of a 10 episode impro reality gameshow)

Stig Brenner & Newkid
Single Release

Casting 5 different lookalikes for 5 different release cover personas in 2023 that kind of looked like him but wasn’t really him. This was one of them ︎︎︎


OsloVelo Bodega

Big january sale where nothing was on sale, highlighting reasons to shop at your local favourite bar instead ︎

Jason Kreher’s DMV

I’m currently managing the brochure section of Jason Krehers DMVWe deeply appreciate any contributions and you can submit your art at