Sarah Nordheim:
A Permanent Exhibition
The One Show: Merit
Epica Awards: Finalist

In 2020, children born the year Facebook arrived (2007) turned 13 years old - which meant they were old enough to create their first account. A recent study showed that the average child would be met by 1300 photos by themselves on social media, posted by parents.

To generate awareness, we gathered all the images we could find of one child (born 2007) on social media, and made them into a giant exhibition in one of Norways biggest art galleries.

...and filmed her reaction.

Agency: ANTI
CD: Christian Hygen, Per Erik Jarl
Creative team: Per Berge Moe & Sollin Sæle
Design: Kristoffer EidsnesMotion: Aleksander Rønning
Director: Sigve Aspelund