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Concentration Donation

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WFP wanted to increase donations to their school feeding program, to help kids concentrate at school and work their way out of poverty.

While hungry children in poor countries are longing for concentration at school, we are using all our free time waisting ours - on purpose.

Instead of talking about hungry children in Africa and money aid, we let people donate their concentration while not using it (=mindlessly streaming and scrolling online), to someone in need.

When you stream something online on a good internet connection (5G, i.ex), you constantly load a bit more than you actually need. Explained simply; in our time and age a part of this loaded grey bar can be sold/rented out through your browser, without affecting your streaming experience much.

You’ll have to go together with a minimum of 1000 people for it to be worth buyng though, and then each person will only earn around 0,43$ a day. Usually not enough to bother most poeple who can afford a computer (and are not super interested nerds). 

But it’s enough to feed a hungry child.

So what if we reframe it like this?

This can be made available to normal people through a simple plugin for your browser, or even better: through a collab with the streaming giants.

We’ll spread the word through special Youtube prerolls, where (if Youtube join in) you can  turn on your concentration donation while you keep watching cute cats.

Credits ︎

Creative team: Per Berge moe & Sollin Sæle