Fountain House

Behind Closed Curtains

Epica Silver
Cannes Lions finalist x2

One Show Merit

Eurobest finalist x3
Norwegian National Ad Awards Silver

Norway Media Awards Silver

Visuelt Diploma

Fountain House is a mental health non-profit, fighting social isolation.

By persuading 3400 people to donate their windows as ad spaces on the same day, we visualized how 3400 people are living in complete isolation without treatment at any given moment in Oslo’s small city center alone.

The story of 12 real people were illustrated by 10 of Norway’s top artists, and could be read as one contious story.


︎︎︎The campaign made it to all the biggest national news channels
︎︎︎8M+ Norwegian NOK in earned media attention
︎︎︎49M+ impressions
︎︎︎6M+ reach

Total media budget: $600

Agency: Anorak
CD: Jens Petter Aarhus & Marcus Johnston
Copywriter: Hallvard Fjeldbraaten
Art Director: Sollin Sæle
Director: Martin Iversen

Artist: Nikolai Aamodt
Artist: Christopher Nielsen
Artist: Sunniva Krogseth
Artist: Mari Kanstad Johnsen
Artist: Linn Horntvedt
Artist: Sondre Røe
Artist: Kasper Amundsen Tvedt
Artist: Viktor Guzman
Artist: Ole Lislerud
Artist: Emelia Hjertström