The No Brainer

The One Show 2022: Merit
Gullblyanten 2022: Gold + Silver

SATS is Scandinavia’s leading fitnes chain with over 250 fitness centers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Aot of kids working out for the first time come through social media, have found a muscle they want to target and walk around to find the machine that can help them (i.ex the infamous BootyBuilder™).

While the machine muscle tatgeting guides are helpful, they have been the same for 100 years, and small piece was missing.

With a simple sticker, SATS highligheted the mind on their fitness equipment in all theit centers.

Together with the permanent brain highlight, temporary educational facts about training and mental health was placed on each machine, in wardrobes and outdoor during the launch in World Mental Health Month.

We even gave instructions to outdoor public training parks, and showed places where you could work out you mental health all over the city.

The campaign ran in centers, outdoor and online in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. There’s a lot more to the campaign than the executions shown here of course, but I bet you get the idea at this point so let’s save you from further scrolling.

(If you want to see more you can email our media agency for all 156 formats)


Agency: The Northern Alliance / Anorak
Creative Team: Sebastian Pandonis + Sollin Sæle
Account Manager: Janne Espevalen
Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke
Planner: Niklas Jari Olsen
Designer: Bendik Hattvang
Designer: Sondre Håstad
Design + Motion: Jobo Engh