Future In Our Hands

Dumpster Deli

Norwegian National Advertising Awards: Gold
Eurobest Silver
The One Show: Merit
Epica Shortlist
Cannes Lions: Finalist x3

Historically a rich country, Norway has some of the most delicious trash in the world. There’s just one problem: no one’s ever seen it. 

The food waste law is outdated, and picking up food from a dumpster can get you 3 years in prison. Since our politicians wouldn’t change the law, we decided to find a way around it.

With the world’s smallest registered grocery store (clearly not a dumpster) we allowed Norwegians to legally pick up expired food for the first time, while making Norway’s shockingly boujee food waste problem visual and tasty.

︎︎︎ Dumpster Deli made it to the two top national Norwegian TV News stations within 10 minutes

︎︎︎ 4.1M earned media attention in one week

︎︎︎ Reach: 23% of the nations total population

︎︎︎ The Dumpster is still rolling around to new locations across the country

︎︎︎ Several Deli’s are now in production

︎︎︎ ...all on a $500 Dumpster budget

Norway is currently legislating a new food waste law

Agency: Publicis Kitchen
Account Manager: Alexander Mostue
Creative Team: Per Berge Moe, Sollin Sæle & Torbjørn Havn
Junior Creative: Gard Bekk Wanderøy
Design: Sollin

Film Producer: Tarek Salim
Film Director: Oma