Aim Lower

Gullblyanten / Norway National Ad Awards: Silver

You’d think all gym goers need motivation. But January gym goers in the Nordics are special.

Numbers from SATS, the leading fitness chain in the Nordics, showed that motivation isn’t the problem: people who start out slow are 60-80% more likely to form a new habit than their overly ambitious counterparts who quit after two weeks.

So in January 2022 SATS did the opposite of everyone else in their category - and proved they actually want you to use your new membership.

Audio spots in Centers:

The Campaign ran on TV, Cinema, OOH, Online, Social, Display and in centers in all Nordic countries.


Agency: Anorak
Account Director: Janne Espevalen
Planner: Niklas Jari Olsen
Creative team: Sebastian PandonisSollin Sæle
Audio in centers / copywriter: Stein Simonsen
Project Manager: Camilla Von Borcke
Motion: Erlend Dal Sakshaug
Designer: Sondre Håstad
Design + Motion: Darri Thorsteinsson

Production agency: Fantefilm
Director: Marius Holst