Passion project

Might Be Coming Soon

Cannes Lions Bronze x2

Epica Gold

Cresta Silver + Bronze

Eurobest Shortlist x3

New York Festivals Finalist x2

Gullblyanten Gold x2

Visuelt Diploma x2

Local stors in Oslo were struggling during lockdown, and desperately needed attention. By targeting the coziest street in the city, the stunt ended up reaching over 50% of our country’s population - on a $0 budget.

All the signs led to the instagram landing page @beholdoslo (=KeepOslo), showcasing local shops  together with their location tag.


The idea was soon picked up by other locals in cities all over the country, and eventually spread to Bergen and Trondheim.

︎︎︎ Headline in all major
national news

︎︎︎  Reach: 3,5 million

︎︎︎ Mention by governor, prime
minister and several 
other political leaders.


Sollin Sæle


♥ Elke Vindenes / Production, Social Media & PR
Anna Aronsen Oftedal / Production & PR
Lasse Sandberg Nilsen / Production
Laura Cecilie Gonzalez Moe / Production
Per Berge Moe / Production
Rebekka Samira / Production
Natasha Ferrante / Production
Mohammed Abdirashid Mohammed / Production
Emelia Hjertström / Production